Biofuel: A Blend of Home Heating Oil and Biodiesel

Compelling reasons why Ehrhart Energy offers Biofuel delivery rather than traditional heating oil:

  • Reduces U.S. reliance on imported oil. Replacing millions of gallons of petroleum-based heating oil will make American homes less vulnerable to overseas supply disruptions.
  • Creates thousands of jobs. Biofuel processing supports more than 31,000 U.S. jobs and generates $1.7 billion in revenue.
  • Relies on renewable, biodegradable, nontoxic resources. We can continually regrow new safe biofuel supplies throughout America.
  • Saves wear and tear on equipment AND the environment. Bioheat has a much lower sulfur content, and Biofuel burns cleaner than standard No. 2 heating oil. The result is fewer breakdowns, longer equipment life, better fuel efficiency, and a cleaner environment.
  • Requires no equipment refits. Our experience is that heating systems that use regular fuel oil usually can use Biofuel.

In a recent article (EnergyAgwired.com) written by Cindy Zimmerman:

President Biden Announces Emergency Waiver for E15

The president visited the POET Bioprocessing facility in Menlo, Iowa Tuesday to formally announce an emergency waiver to allow 15% ethanol-blended gasoline (E15) to be sold this summer.

President Biden said adding ethanol to our gasoline reduces our reliance on foreign oil and gives consumers a choice at the pump. “When you have a choice, you have competition,  and when you have competition you have better prices,” said Biden, who stressed that biofuels have a significant role in reducing carbon emissions within 30 years. “You simply can’t get to net-zero by 2050 without biofuels.”

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