Pellet Stoves

Ehrhart Sells and Installs Wood Pellet Stoves From Today's Top Manufacturers

They can be used as a secondary or primary heating source. Using compressed-lumber industry waste products, pellet stoves are a great way of keeping your home warm.
These pellet stoves are easier to operate than a traditional wood-log stove, and give off the same heat.

They are fully automated, self-cleaning, self-feeding and self-igniting. The only cleaning required is emptying the ash pan twice a year.

Pellet stoves have a built-in hopper system that allows you to pour a 40-pound bag of wood pellets into the top of the stove, so you only need to add another bag every 18 to 24 hours.

You will likely need no more than four to five tons of wood pellets to last the winter. One ton of pellets generally costs slightly over $200.

Many homeowners and businesses invest in a storage container that can automatically feed the pellets into the pellet stove. 

Wood pellet heating offers you many benefits and is gaining in popularity all the time—especially in winter-ravaged New England. We urge you to take a closer look at this cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to oil or propane heating today.

Wood Pellet Bags - Delivery or Pick-up

We are all about clean energy here at Ehrhart Energy, so we offer a sustainable and comfortable Energy alternative: wood pellets. These pellets are made out of compacted sawdust, usually made from less-desirable wood that does not sell. On average, the world grows about 30 million cubic meters of solid wood in one year. This means we have a very abundant supply for pellets and it is one of the most renewable energy sources that we use today.
We can deliver wood pellets by the 1-ton pallet to your home or business within our service area, using our flatbed truck and truck-mounted forklift.

Alternatively, if you need only a few 40-pound bags, you are always 

welcome to stop by our office to pick up the wood pellets you need. We will gladly load the bags into your vehicle and get you back on the road to warmth in a few short minutes!

Many pellet users have experienced shortages of pellets, especially in March and April, the lingering cold weather keeps the pellet stove burning longer than expected. With Ehrhart Energy, you will never run out of wood pellets. Unlike big-box retail stores, we are a heating fuel company. We stock up in the slow season so we can meet demand when winter unleashes its fury. We guarantee customers we will always have pellets available.

Ehrhart is proud to carry the best quality pellets available in the area:

Look through our collection of pellet stoves and find the right one for you. Pellet stoves are becoming more and more popular everyday and overtime, pay for themselves. Click here to see how pellet stoves can help you save.
Learn more about Ehrhart Energy bagged pellet delivery and pick-up services. Contact us to speak with a representative today.